The Burton collaborates with NDADA – North Devon Against Domestic Abuse

We firmly believe that art has the ability to transform lives and that being creative can support mental wellbeing.  Over the last few months we, at The Burton, have continued to explore new and innovative ways to support and promote the arts while the gallery doors were closed.  

Our Education, Learning and Participation team have been busy collaborating with NDADA (North Devon Against Domestic Abuse) devising an artist residency programme with women and children. The sessions have been well-received, and the work produced in response to our exhibitions was brilliant. We’re privileged to have had this opportunity to expand our work in the community. We’re also hoping that this is the start of a whole programme of outreach projects that will take place in a variety of offsite settings and that focus on the therapeutic value of participating in art and creativity.

Beki Sharples, Refuge Manager NDADA, comments on the success of project:

“The sessions that the Burton are providing for NDADA clients have been so beneficial for the clients we support. When faced with multiple traumas it’s easy to lose your creative side, so being able to have the support and tools to re-engage is an amazing experience for our survivors and this is evident when we watch them fully immerse themselves in the activities.”

Ian Danby, Director of The Burton, says,

“Art and creativity has a unique way of supporting wellbeing and this project is part of a long term investment by The Burton in an outreach programme that works with the community and groups who find accessing the gallery difficult.”

Liz Wilde from the Education, Learning and Participation team adds,

“You don’t need to be an artist to feel the benefits of taking part in the arts. Being engaged in something practical and creative is wonderfully calming and can give respite from anxious thoughts and depression. We hope that these creative opportunities, will give a little lift to people’s emotional wellbeing.”