The Burton at Bideford is delighted to announce the appointment of Freya Gabie for a new artist commission which will culminate in an exhibition in gallery two later this year.

‘Scrutinising distance in a time of lockdown: a series of drawings attempting to explore notions of remoteness and closeness’. Responding to this particular moment in time and the huge disruption in all our lives we have commissioned artist Freya Gabie to respond to the unique circumstances we find ourselves in. For this new commission, Freya Gabie is investigating concepts of distance, space, movement and disconnection.

She is looking to the digital world to explore and expose how our relationship to the natural world is mediated and interpreted by the virtual. Does our new reliance on technology in some way quell the threat and fear implicit in nature, where our mortality is mirrored back to us? Contrastingly, this same portal simultaneously delivers the very mortal traits of fear, anxiety and isolation in the images it conjures: what does this juxtaposition create? What is our reaction to such images? And are those images contagious?

Freya Gabie’s practice is site responsive: focusing on connection and exchange. She makes objects, drawings and interventions that respond to particular histories, stories and places, peeling under the surface to expose hidden layers.

One on the first drawings of the series – currently untitled. A drawing of NASA’s captured surface of the asteroid 101955 Bennu, a potentially hazardous object to our planet, it is listed on the Sentry Risk Table. it orbits 190,000 miles from the Earth.

‘Thin Air’ Drawings of military explosions from the top of Google Image search 2015- present