From Source to Sea – Sheila Hutchinson


Intro The series of watercolours for this contemporary exhibition were selected from within the original 1951 exhibition Sheila Hutchinson: From Source to Sea. The original series, 72 watercolours, developed through Sheila’s immense love and interest in nature and the environment in which she was born, grew up and lived out her life. The River Torridge [...]

A Folk Art Tradition


Intro This folk art exhibition explores the theme of ‘Folk’ art found in the Burton Art Gallery and Museum’s ceramic collections. Running alongside “The Folk Archive” in gallery’s 1 & 2 by Turner prize winner Jeremy Deller & Alan Kane. The exhibition focuses on items that are associated with tradition, celebration, humour and how form [...]

The North Devon Ceramics Trade and the American Connection


Author Sadie Green Replica Elizabethan ships at Jamestown, Virginia Intro The story of pottery production and trade with America is a tale of being in the right place at the right time; hard work; access to resources; skills and entrepreneurship; adventure; travel by ship; new lives in foreign land and profit. Through telling this story [...]

Popalini and Jezando Wood-Fired In Japan


Popalini and Jezando exhibition Fascinated by Japanese pottery, Popalini & Jezando went to Japan in early 2018 to study with Setsurou Shibata in Tajimi and Peter Seabridge in Tokoname, with whom they first fired a wood kiln. During their time there, they gained new insights into throwing and firing and expanded their aesthetic appreciation. Last October they [...]


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