Ian Davenport

Works On Paper

Burton at Bideford


This catalogue showcases the creative journey of Ian Davenport from his early days as a student, when a creative foundation was formed, to his present-day status as an acclaimed contemporary artist.

Ian Davenport has carved a distinctive niche for himself in the art world with his abstract paintings that delve into the realms of process and materiality. His artistic  evolution has been marked by a relentless exploration of form, colour and composition. In recent years Davenport’s signature technique has involved meticulous pouring of acrylic paint lines onto various surfaces, allowing them to flow and converge into mesmerising pools of pigment at the base. This method  enables him to construct intricate arrangements of lines and colours that engage viewers on both a visual and emotional level.

Taken from the Foreword by Warren C0llum, Exhibitions and Collections Manager, The Burton at Bideford