We love an excuse to delve into our extensive archives from all the different collections that we hold.

We’re currently helping several students doing their PHDs, and other university degree dissertations, and we welcome the involvement of all academic institutions in our work.

There are over 5000 objects and paintings on display in the galleries, and in our store rooms, and – as a student – you can request access to this work at any time.

Our RJ Lloyd Collection has a touchscreen tool in the upstairs gallery for searching items, or you can go to our online search page.

Any student undertaking research for art history and theory – especially if it involves artists’ work in the custody of the Burton at Bideford – is invited to get in touch to explain the criteria of their research and how we might be able to help you.

Our Exhibitions and Collections Officer, Warren Collum, would be happy to assist you – just visit the team page to send him an email or give him a call.

Some of our objects have confidential access clauses requested by the artists and in order to abide by these we may – on rare occasions – require you to sign a non-disclosure agreement before your arranged viewing.