If you’ve got an art lover in your family or friends circle, we’ve got just the thing for you – our top 10 Christmas gifts for art lovers.

The Burton Art Gallery’s newly launched shop is filled with gifts of all sorts to pop under the tree on Christmas Day.

All of the below are available from the Burton’s online shop, meaning you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to shop.

Angela Harding 2021 Calendar

Featuring prints by illustrator Angela Harding, this calendar captures the essence of British landscape and wildlife on every page. It includes a range of Angela’s most popular prints including ‘Young Hare’, ‘Two Gannets’ and the ‘Golden Eagle’. Text accompanies each print and you can handily see the previous and next month’s dates on each datepad.

Burton Art Gallery gift vouchers

Can’t quite decide what they’d love most? Save yourself the hassle and pick up a Burton Art Gallery gift voucher instead and let them choose from our wide range of gifts for art lovers.

Helen Murgatroyd print

Fishmonger in Medina unframed lino print by Helen Murgatroyd

These colourful prints are based on food, still life and imagery and are inspired by Helen Murgatroyd’s travels. This particular lino print features a scene from a fishmonger’s in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

Annie Soudain Jigsaw Puzzle

Midsummer morning - Annie Soudain

A must-have for any art and jigsaw lover! This Midsummer Morning 1,000-piece jigsaw by Annie Soudain is inspired by the artist’s interest in plants and nature and this particular scene was taken from the views across the field overlooking Rye Bay in Hastings Country Park.

Printmaker’s Cat book

cover of the Printmakers cat book

If you know someone who loves both art and cats, then this is the ideal present. Featuring 330 original prints from 53 British artists, the prints have been made using a variety of techniques and finishes including woodcut, linocut etchings, wood engraving, silkscreen and lithograph. 

Guess The Artist - game

The perfect post-Christmas dinner game for art lovers, this features 60 artists from Michelangelo to Damien Hirst. You must identify the famous artist from three visual clues. For example which artist is this: Moustache + lobster + flying cat = ? Find out the answer at the bottom of the article.

cover of James Ravilious - A Life

For over 17 years James Ravilious documented rural life in North Devon before it became modernised, and the result was over 75,000 black and white negatives. This book collates many of those prints which Barry Lane, Secretary General of the Royal Photographic Society, called a ‘unique body of work’.


Cufflinks - Helyne Jennings

Made using offcuts of her artwork, Helyne Jennings’ jewellery is formed from laminated paper and fabrics which are then treated with layers of acrylic paints, gesso and modelling paste and dyestuffs. Each one is truly unique, making it the perfect gift for any art and jewellery lover.

Rachel Shute print

For any art lover living in the South West these Rachel Shute prints show off the natural landscapes and beaches of the area in all their beauty. 

Flower Philharmonic 2021 Planner

This charming little planner is covered in roses, lavender and other blossoming flowers as part of Diane Monet’s Flower Philharmonic print which shows off the French countryside. It would be hard not to smile if you pulled a planner this pretty out of your bag.

Christmas gifts for art lovers

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for an art lover, the Burton has you covered.

We have a large range of gifts as well as the 10 listed here, so head to our shop to start browsing.

And if you’re still wondering about the moustache, lobster, flying cat artist? Dali, of course!