The Permanent Collection

The Burton Museum is where you enter a world of paintings, pottery, poets, witches and indigenous peoples of North America.

Welcome to the Burton’s Collections.

Originally built to house the collections of Hubert Coop, the Burton is home to a rich array of artefacts, documents and treasured items, representing the diverse and dynamic history of Bideford and the surrounding area.

Discover secrets about celebrities of the day, personalities like Sir Richard Grenville, Edward Capern the Postman Poet and John Strange, the man who cared for local victims of the 1646 plague. Delve deeper into the world of the notorious Bideford witches, and learn about the life and death of the first indigenous person of North America to live in Europe.

With a dedicated exhibition space, the Burton’s Ceramics Collection is a unique and significant collection.

Incorporating the Christine Halstead Collection and the RJ Lloyd Collection, the later predominantly North Devon slipware, collected by acclaimed artist and local resident RJ Lloyd, the display is an ideal introduction to the history and heritage of ceramics in this area.

In additions, the Burton’s Painting Collections include the works of Judith Acklad and Mary Stella Edwards, E. Aubrey Hunt, Mark Fisher RA, Sir John Lavery, Sir George Clause RA, Arthur Friedenson, William McTaggart, Hubert Coop, Gillian Ayres, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham and Shelia Hutchinson. Selected paintings are displayed annually as part of the exhibition programme.

View a large selection of our ceramic collections here.

Posset Pot at the Burton Museum