Project Description

Welcome to some fun ArtsLab! activities to get involved in

Wrestling Pants

See if you can make your own wrestling pants by sewing felt shapes onto a big pair of pants. You could add sequins, buttons and ribbons, as well as drawing or painting words or patterns onto them.

Image: Tom Harrington MBE photographed in his wrestling pants and vest for theWestmoreland wrestling Championships, Egremont, Cumbria in 1999

Body Art

Throughout history, many cultures have used body art for decoration, for celebration and to express themselves.

Use face paints or food colouring to decorate one your hands and arms or even your legs and feet. Get someone to take photos as you create your masterpiece.

Image: Henna decorated hands, Near Dagenham, Essex 2003.

Painted Clown Eggs

These clown eggs were painted by Katherine Stone and others, and displayed at the Clown museum in London in 2005.

Have a go at decorating your own hard-boiled egg. You could see if an adult can ’blow’ an egg for you, so you have an empty shell to work on.

Have a cracking time doing this egg-citing activity!

Penny Hedge

The tradition of the Penny Hedge takes place in Whitby, Yorkshire, and dates back to 1159.

The Abbot of Whitby imposed a penance on 3 hunters and on their descendants for all time, for murdering a hermit at Eskdale in Yorkshire.

The three hunters were following a wild boar, and when it took refuge in a hermitage, the 3 nobles attacked the monk who lived there, when he closed the gate on the hounds. Before he died, the monk forgave them and spared their lives on condition that they and their descendants would enact a penance.

Each year on the eve of Ascension day, on the East bank of the River Esk in Whitby, they had to construct a short hedge from stakes woven together that was strong enough to withstand 3 tides. They had to use a knife that cost a penny to cut the stakes. The ceremony is still performed today.

 See if you can collect some sticks, and using string, wool, paper and ribbons etc. to create a weaving of your own.

Have fun!