Project Description

Taking Tea

March 28 – May 22, 2022

The Taking Tea ceramic installation explores the global affair of drinking tea. From the Japanese tea ceremony to the British cuppa, tea is intimately entwined with social life. Tea was first introduced into Britain in the 17th century, and by the 18th century, had become a fashionable drink for polite society. Ceramic objects such as teapots, tea bowls, cups and mugs are all part of the pleasure of drinking tea.

This exhibition features works from the Ceramic Collection of Aberystwyth University as well as pieces from The Burton’s own permanent collection.

The Ceramic Collection of Aberystwyth University is one of the major collections of non-industrial ceramics in Britain. It features over 2000 pieces as evidence of the highest achievements of contemporary British and international ceramics and is particularly noted for its early 20th century collection of studio pottery.

The Burton’s Permanent Collection features the Christine Halstead Collection and the RJ Lloyd Collection, the latter predominantly North Devon slipware, collected by acclaimed artist and local resident RJ Lloyd, the display is an ideal introduction to the history and heritage of ceramics in this area.

In additions, the Burton’s Painting Collections include the works of Judith Ackland and Mary Stella Edwards, E. Aubrey Hunt, Mark Fisher RA, Sir John Lavery, Sir George Clause RA, Arthur Friedenson, William McTaggart, Hubert Coop, Gillian Ayres, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham and Shelia Hutchinson. Selected paintings are displayed annually as part of the exhibition programme. New work to the galleries collection include An English Eye by local artist-photographer James Ravilious.

Image: Michael Cardew and Clive Bowen from The Burton’s permanent collection.