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Elise Rosa Jennings - Jewellery & Textiles

Tin Eco jewellery and hand felted merino wool vessels

This jewellery is designed and hand made using discarded drinks cans, recycled chain, silver chain and a medley of silver plated findings.

Each piece is unique and involves many processes of scribbling, sanding, and burnishing. Patterns and textures are punched into the tin using punches fashioned from old nails; the surface is scratched and sanded then lacquered to give added protection.

Each tin can has its own colour combinations which are the predominant colours in the pieces but other colour is added using metal leaf, metal gilding creams and varnishes.

The findings used are a combination of cut out tin, pewter and silver drops with brass, silver and bronze chain. The ear hooks are sterling silver and the ear studs are silver plate.

For these felt vessels I use finest quality Merino wool that I try to source as locally as possible.

I’m interested in making forms that take on a very ‘organic’ shape. They seem to evolve from the various processes I use and I know when the ‘object’ or ‘vessel’ is finished when a balance of colour and shape is reached.

This is a very ‘hands–on’ method, as anyone working with wool will appreciate. Considerable time is spent teasing and layering the wool, each colour carefully chosen to compliment another. The wool is moulded into its final shape using soap, water and built around a former using a lot of rubbing, the motion causing the wool to felt until a preferred thickness is reached.

I hope I create ‘vessels’ that have a balance that is both pleasing in shape and colour that gives a ‘feel good’ factor to the viewer as it does to me in making them.

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