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Sarah Young

Sarah Young is a Printmaker, Painter, Designer, Maker and Illustrator. She is interested in imagery from stories - whether dreams, myths or fairy tales - and in dance, journeys, metamorphoses, performers, the shapes of plants, the bizarre, old photographs and small domestic moments such as rock pooling or hanging out the prints. Heads are a major passion… her work is mostly figurative, and she does not seem able to make a picture without adding at least a passing fox.

Jon and Sarah started out as a travelling puppet theatre, it combined everything,  storytelling, making the puppets and sets and trying to put together a show that would surprise and delight young and old. As a printmaker she is  well known for her lino and wood cuts but also works in screenprinting and more recently in monoprint and collograph. Sarah has exhibited widley both with solo and group shows, and has her work in many galleries throughout the UK. Her most recent illustration was for The New York Times, and her most recent children's book is 'Greek Myths' published by Walker Books, written by Ann Turnbull.  She is also founder and director of Brighton Art Fair, MADE, Brighton's Design and Craft fair and Made London. 

She works from her studio on the South Coast of England and prints at Inkspot Press in Brighton.

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