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Jane Wellens

I grew up in Devon, and have lived here most of my life here.After an Art Foundation Course at Newton Abbot I studied Printmaking at Bradford College of Art. I then spent the next  twenty or so years designing and producing colourful knitwear, before discovering the wonderful potential of clay about fifteenyears ago.  I am largely self taught, and have spent much of the time learning the hard way!

I love colour and pattern, and the designs I create are influenced by my interest in textiles, decorative arts, and the wonderful Devon landscape.


 I work in a rather messy shed at the bottom of the garden – too cold in winter unless I have just had a firing. Slipware is not the easiest of processes – the pots occasionally collapse when dipped in the slip if too wet, and crack if the clay is a bit too dry. When things go right the results are lovely bright pots, with decoration (all painted by hand) built up in layers of slip to create a dense layer of colour.


About eight years ago I opened a gallery in South Brent, the village on the southern edge of Dartmoor where I have lived for the last thirty years.


lottery funded