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Eleanor Bartleman Ceramics

I have been a maker of ceramics ever since leaving art school in 1979, developing my own distinctive style and imagery.  My work is figurative and has been informed by myth, legend and fable.   Initially ideas were developed from the medieval beast epic of Reynard the Fox in which animals portray human characteristics. For me, using an animal form to express a human persona has become an effective vehicle of communication, both in a narrative and expressive way.  I use ideas from many sources - such as early manuscripts, Jacobean embroidery and artefacts, myths and legends, literature and poetry.  I play around with source material and develop it to make it my own.  The work is made from porcelain clay.  It is hand modelled, decorated with slips and stains and fired to 1260C. It is finished with lustres and precious metals.


lottery funded