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Lee May Foster-Wilson

I am a graduate in BA Hons Fine Art Painting from the University of Brighton. All of my screen printed designs and jewellery have their roots in my drawings and paintings which feature many a critter, creature and scape of trees, sea and sky. I live by the sea in a rural part of deepest darkest Cornwall in the far south-west of England and in my work I like to explore patterns, rhythms and stories, and the connection of people to nature. The wild world shapes us and we shape it. You will see that I like shapes and I like colours.


In the past I have worked with Bat For Lashes, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip and Urban Outfitters and my jewellery and clothing has been seen in Grazia, Look, Marie Claire and The Independent amongst others.

All Bonbi Forest clothing designs are printed at my studio here in Cornwall. They are hand screen printed onto the fabric using water based inks which are kinder to the environment than the ‘Plastisol’ inks used by many large manufacturers. Water based inks don’t have that plasticy feel that plastisol inks have either. They are completely washable and after one wash feel really soft and lovely in the fabrics.

The nice thing about hand printed goods is that they have a unique touch and each print is ever so slightly different, a work of art in itself. The hand that made the print can be seen in the outcome and keeping that quality is a nod to the printing days of yesteryear, before machine printed goods and mass manufacture.


My jewellery designs are an extension of my artwork in other areas and are another way for me to play with colour and shapes. I am a proper magpie and love the jewellery making process as much as I love to paint and draw and print! When I come up with new designs I make as many of them as I can possibly get the supplies for. Sometimes I can only make a few and other times I can make lots and lots and lots, but because I use vintage components and hard to find pieces all of my designs are limited and once they are sold out, they stay sold out!


Away from work and such I am very much interested in the equine sport of Dressage in which I have competed for a number of years on my own horse, the wonderful Lauder, and numerous others that I have been lucky enough to loan and ride over time. I am not a pro by any means but have been fairly successful over the years and love it so much, it’s as much a necessary part of my life as making things is.



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