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Merlyn Chesterman

Merlyn Chesterman


Merlyn Chesterman, a painter and printmaker, graduated in Fine Art from Bath Academy of Art, Corsham. She trained in printmaking at West Dean College in Chichester, where she now teaches short courses. Merlyn works from her studio in Hartland, Devon, where she runs printmaking courses and teaches children excluded from school.
Merlyn lived overseas for 25 years, in Hong Kong, Thailand, and the U.S., travelling to Bhutan, China and Kashmir to paint. Her work can be found in the Hong Kong Museum of Art and galleries in London and the South West.
Merlyn first became excited by woodcuts in China on the Mongolian border, where they were used in place of glass in the windows and replaced each year.
Woodcuts have a quality that is different from any other kind of picture. They can only exist in this medium and their beauty comes largely from the block. The process and the result are unpredictable. First comes the idea, then the workmanship, where one is concerned not only with the wood and the subject but also with the cuts themselves, and finally the excitement of taking the first proof. This is often matched by the vitality and immediacy of the final print.
Light, tide and weather transform the coastline moment by moment. Much of Merlyn’s inspiration comes from taking advantage of her coastal setting in Hartland and working directly from the landscape, with its rugged, indented and folded rock formations, a starting point that lends itself ideally to woodblock printing.

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