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Helyne Jennings

Helyne was born in Germany and achieved a BA from Loughborough College of Art and a Master of Art from the Royal College of Art. She set up a studio in London and then travelled extensively in Egypt, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia. She now lives and works in Devon.

Helyne’s work is about colour. The palette is vibrant and intensely layered, drawing on inflences from her travels, and also from spending part of her childhood in the Middle East and Africa. Her jewellery is made from laminated paper. Papers and fabrics are systematically treated with layers of acrylic paints, gesso and modelling paste and dyestuffs. The surfaces are further embellished using block printing, machine stitching, gilding and embossed using metal leaf. These ‘canvasses’ are broken down and reconstructured into loose abstract landscapes, inlaying paper into paper, fabric into fabric, until a balance is reached – a final distillation of surface, texture, colour and composition. On completion the pieces are lacquered for protection against water and grease.

Each piece is unique in its colour combination.

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