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Carry Akroyd

Carry Akroyd


Carry Akroyd is both a painter and printmaker; living in rural East Northamptonshire and close to the Fens, this arable landscape has been the main source of her imagery, punctuated by forays to wilder regions.  Carry exhibits regularly with the Society of Wildlife Artists, and through them worked on a project with Scottish Forestry Commission about the Atlantic oak forest (Aig an Oir/ At the Edge).  Carry was also part of an Artists for Nature Foundation team working on a book about the Great Fen Project with the Wildlife Trust. 
Predominately a colourist, Carry has also been commissioned to make black and white linocut illustrations for two books of John Clare’s poetry (The Shepherds Calendar and  The Wood is Sweet)  and for a Sky full of Starlings by Stephen Moss, and has also provided images for a number of book covers.

Serigraphs, otherwise termed screen prints, are created by pulling thin layers of colour through a stretched polyester mesh onto paper, employing stencils to control where it is placed. Layers of colours are built up one at a time, and the image is invented and adapted while it is being made. Colours can be varied from print to print, and painterly effects incorporated. This means that no two prints are identical, some are deliberately very varied. Small ‘editions’ can run from 3 – 15 prints, usually around 7.  This is why they are know as ‘original’ prints, they are not reproductions of an image that existed before, but are devised and created in the making.

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