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Blandine Anderson

Blandine Anderson


Blandine Anderson lives and works in North Devon. Her unique ceramic sculptures are a captivating dialogue between fine art, ceramics and sculpture. Each unique work is individually hand-built in either porcelain or stoneware clay.

The subject matter for Blandine’s ceramic sculpture is drawn mainly from her interest in the flora and fauna of the British Isles. Many of her works are further enriched by her interest in folklore, myth and fable.

The inspiration for her current approach (which puts greater emphasis on the abstraction of forms within landscape) came from working in Ireland and Scotland where land features are particularly dramatic. Here, she began to see the land – no longer as a continuous expanse – but rather as definite, individual forms, independent of their surroundings. The creatures which populate Blandine’s ceramic landscapes give a sense of scale, movement and mystery. They may hold conversations, or might be about to do something, but exactly what is about to happen is up to the viewer to decide.

The making process starts with simple sketches or models, which are intended as gestural notes or reminders. Once Blandine has a particular form or shape in mind she consciously (and subconsciously) searches for similar shapes in other places. These may be seeds, bones, machinery, or even a piece of circuity from an electrical appliance. These are developed, emphasizing some aspect of the idea. All of the works are unique and cannot be repeated. Blandine uses slab and pinch building methods, followed by modeling and carving. No moulds or other repeat methods are used within the building process, except for some tiny sprigged animals in some of the smaller landscapes. Stencilled and incised details are added before the first firing. Colours are applied as slips, glazes, oxides, enamels and lustres. Works are fired at least three times, the highest temperature being 1230 Centigrade. Small amounts of onglaze enamel and/or metallic lustre are added for the third firing.

Blandine has exhibited her ceramics and paintings throughout the British Isles in many solo and group exhibitions. Her work is held in collections worldwide.

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