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Rachel Sumner

Rachel Sumner


Rachel completed an arts foundation course at Northampton School of Art before going on to study for a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Maidstone in Kent. She studied textiles as a subsidiary subject and this became a great influence on her work and consequently has often used weaving, felt making and dyeing to express her ideas.

Rachel became interested in the technique of painting on silk whilst experimenting with techniques in France where silk painting is a well-established craft.  The technique of painting on silk involves drawing with 'gutta', a liquid solution that is squeezed through a fine nib, followed by painting with dyes. These produce the vibrant colours associated with her work and can be used with watercolours. A long steaming process then follows which fixes and intensifies the colours. Dying, stitching as well as hand painting is also used. Inspiration comes from her fascination with the infinite variety of forms and colour in the natural world. Consequently, land, seascapes, gardens and animals are recurring themes in her wall hangings, scarves, shawls, ties and cards.

Rachel has exhibited in galleries throughout the South West.  Stitched textiles as well as painting on silk have become an important part of her artistic output alongside another recent activity, which is making boat sculptures out of driftwood and other beach finds - a response to the joys of living on the North Devon coastline.

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