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Jenny Southam

Jenny Southam


Jenny Southam lives in Exeter and works from her studio at home. She has been working in clay for around 15 years. Previous to that she sculpted in the medium of bronze. She currently works in terracotta: low-fired, and decorated with slips and oxides. She specialises in individual hand-built figurative sculptures. She is continually evolving new ideas, most of which reference her fascination with Etruscan tomb sculptures and Staffordshire mantelpiece figures. The sculptures explore mythical and domestic themes and many are inspired by working in the garden and on her allotment. Her work is informed by the patterns and rituals that we construct to keep our world sane and running smoothly; for example by making the beds, feeding the birds and the seasonal cycle of planting seeds.
The works are celebratory, and are enraptured by their immediate and intimate connection to each other and to the natural world, although in a quiet and contemplative way. The oxides and the slips decorating the sculptures are used in an intuitive manner to echo the works emotional rhythm. She returns to rework her subjects and themes over and over again, although each piece is a one-off and has its own striking individual character. The exploration of scale is an important part of Jenny's practice; some sculptures are only a few inches high whilst others are imposing figures two feet tall.
She gained a Fine art degree and a Post-Graduate Diploma at Bristol Polytechnic (now University of the West of England), specialising in work in bronze. During this time she also worked as an artist and bronze-casters assistant to a number of artists around Gloucestershire. She is a qualified teacher and has worked on a variety of community arts projects in Devon.

Jenny is a member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen and also of the Craft Potters Association.

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