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Karen Adams

After completing an Advanced G.N.V.Q in 3D Design at North Devon College in 1996, Karen decided to work for a year before deciding which area of Art and Design she specifically wanted to work in. During this year she enrolled in a Silversmith and Jewellery Design evening course, which prompted her to go on to study a HND in Design Metals at Plymouth College of Art and Design. She specialised in designing and making jewellery and went on to complete a BA (Hons) in Applied Arts and graduated in July 2000.

Karen incorporates many different techniques into her work from anodising, oxidising and more recently experimenting with different surface textures. Anodising is a form of colouring aluminium by placing it into a tank of acid and applying an electric current. This has become an important aspect of her work, while another aspect is her experimentation with the use of colour. Colour in Karen’s work is very important to her. She likes to use both silver and anodised aluminium as the contrast of the silver against the vivid and brightly coloured aluminium is very striking.

Karen’s work is quite simple in design as her style and themes are based very much on straight lines. She designs and hand-makes all of her jewellery so you can be quite sure each piece is unique.

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