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Dan Chapple

Dan studied at Plymouth College of Art & Design. He has exhibited and sold work in galleries nationwide.  Dan’s workshop and home is in Cornwall near the picturesque Tamar Valley.

Raku is the technique that Dan uses in his work. Sometimes he uses glazes to enhance small areas but mainly relies on the random smoke patterns which are characteristic of Raku. Slip resist Raku involves applying a layer of slip between the pot and the Raku glaze. The work is then fired before being taken from the kiln still glowing hot and plunged into woodshavings and sawdust. Each piece is allowed to cool slightly before covering completely, the rapid cooling causes the glaze to craze and results in carbon penetrating through the crazing onto the body of the pot. The clay slip prevents the glaze from bonding to the pot allowing it to be peeled off the piece once cooled. Each pot then has to be polished to show the smoked crackle effect. Due to the very nature of Raku firing, each piece comes out with a unique finish, enhanced by the time spent on the burnishing process prior to the firing.

Dan likes to contrast this crackle effect with glazed areas to achieve shiny and matt surfaces and different sizes of crazing.

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