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Kingsley Road, Bideford, Devon EX39 2QQ

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Open Daily 10am - 4pm
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The Permanent Collections

North Devon Pottery, the Abbotsham Hoard, artefacts from Bideford's glove factory, a model of the Bideford Bridge and the Town Charter - just a few of the rich array of artefacts, documents and treasured items, representing the diverse and dynamic history of Bideford and the surrounding area that permanently on display ath The Burton.

The Burton's Painting Collections include works by Judith Ackland and Mary Stella Edwards, E. Aubrey Hunt, Mark Fisher RA, Sir John Lavery RA, Sir George Clause RA, Arthur Friedenson, William McTaggart, Hubert Coop and Sheila Hutchinson and are displayed annually as part of the exhibition programme.

The RJ Lloyd Ceramics Collection, of predominantly North Devon slipware, is an ideal introduction to the history and heritage of ceramics in this area and, The Story of Bideford Black, which charts the history and significance of this unique pigment to Bideford.

The exhibition selected from the permanent Collection this year is 'Portraits form the Burton's Collection'.

Displays in the permanent Collections have been generously supported by Heritage Lottery Fund and the Friends of The Burton.

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