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Kingsley Road, Bideford, Devon EX39 2QQ

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The gallery was built specifically to house the collections of Hubert Coop, which consists of watercolours, oil paintings and Napoleonic ship models. Important additions to the collections have since included the works of local artists Judith Ackland and Mary Stella Edwards, which were presented to the Gallery in 1971 on the death of the former. There are also collections deriving from the former Bideford Museum, which closed in 1978. Today the collections comprise of some 2,529 items including:-

Watercolour paintings by Hubert Coop (part of the Coop Collection), Judith Ackland and Mary Stella Edwards (the Ackland Edwards Collection), Sheila Hutchinson and other 19th and 20th century artists;

Oil paintings by E.Aubrey Hunt, Mark Fisher RA, Sir John Lavery RA, Sir George Clausen RA, Arthur Friedenson, William McTaggart (part of the Coop Collection) and other 18th, 19th and 20th century artists;

A collection of prints, drawings and photographs by A Braund, H.A Sandercock and others by various artists;

Ceramics. British and foreign ceramics. North Devon slipware from the 17th to the mid 20th century. Specifically work by the Fishley family of Fremington and Bideford Potteries, as well as the RJ Lloyd Collection;

Decorative arts. Model ships made by Napoleonic prisoners of war. Tea caddies, silverware, wine glasses. Pewter, snuff boxes. The Arthur McTaggart-Short collection of 816 visiting card cases. Furniture. Cotton wool figure (Jackanda) and other items;

Social History items including a model of Bideford Bridge, the town stocks and the Royal Charter. Images of local characters including the Postman Poet Edward Capern, Charles Kingsley and Sir Richard Grenville. Items from local industries such as glove and collar making, lime burning, the tobacco trade and saddlery. Many other similar objects;

Geological material. The Inkerman Rogers collection presently held at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter;

Coins. The Abbotsham hoard – a collection of 435 17th century coins discovered in 2001;

In 2007, with support from The Friends of the Burton, The Heritage Lottery Fund (HFL), The Art Fund and The Bridge Trust the Burton purchased the RJ Lloyd Collection , which comprises of some 335 pieces of predominantly West Country, and in particular North Devon, slipware pottery with sgraffito decoration, together with comparative pieces and related artefacts. Originally assembled by the acclaimed local artist and collector, RJ Lloyd, it includes ceramics dating from the 18th century to the present-day, both everyday and fine decorative pieces are included. Central to the collection are the locally produced ‘harvest jugs’ a traditional technique strongly linked to the local heritage. This exceptional collection is hugely significant to the local area and heritage as well as complimenting and expanding the Burton’s collections.

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