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Burton Art Gallery and Museum Policies and Plans

As an accredited museum and a public gallery, owned and managed by Torridge District Council, The Burton has a number of policies and plans it adheres to.

Such as policies specific to the Burton Art Gallery and Museum:

  • Forward Plan 2013-16
  • Burton Art Gallery and Museum Exhibitions Policy 2011-15
  • Acquisition and Disposal Policy 2011-15

The Burton also recognises and adheres to Torridge District Council Policies such as:

  • TDC Strategic Plan
  • TDC Culture and Leisure Strategy
  • Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Exhibition Policy

The exhibition programme is planned 12-18 months in advance offering a balance of exhibits addressing the interests of our audiences and visitors, including local heritage, community based exhibitions, open selections, exhibitions drawn from the permanent collection and touring exhibitions often including works by artists of national or international reputation.

Click here to download The Burton’s Exhibition Policy (PDF)

To aid the sourcing of new material and help provide a balanced programme the Burton welcomes exhibitions proposals from individual artists, curators and artist groups or societies. In the first instance it is advisable to read through the Exhibitions Policy to ensure proposals fit the criteria. Any queries can be followed up by an informal discussion with the Exhibitions and Collections Officer. Final exhibition proposals should be submitted for consideration to the Exhibitions and Collections Officer, who is responsible for curating the overall exhibitions programme.

Proposals must include;

  • Exhibition Proposal, no more than 2 sides of A4, that outlines the content of the exhibition including; themes, artists included, type of audience aimed at, practical considerations such as equipment, lighting, temperature, amount of wall, floor space requirements, description of works - size, media, retail price or insurance price as appropriate, and takes into consideration and demonstrate how the exhibition and artworks within support the aims of the Exhibitions Programme
  • Artist Statement – no more than 2 sides of A4 per artist, outlining the practice of the artist, current research themes and interests.
  • Artist and/or Curator’s CV – no more than 2 sides of A4 per artist/curator, including group and solo shows, current and forthcoming projects, awards, prizes, scholarships, publications, website links etc and gallery represented by.
  • Maximum of 10 Images – preferable in digital format, no bigger than 2 MB, Jpeg or Tiff files on a CD, preferably of artworks to be included within the exhibition although previous work influential to the exhibition is also of interest. Each image supplied must be accompanied by image credits including; Artist Name, Title, Media, Date and Size.
  • Catalogues/Publications/Reviews – no more than 5 x A4 sheets or 4 catalogues/publications or written reviews.
  • Contact Details – full contact details, phone numbers (landline and mobile), postal address and website links.

All materials supplied must be clearly labelled with senders name and materials will only be returned if an appropriate SAE is supplied. Proposals should be sent to the Exhibition and Collections Officer c/o The Burton Art Gallery and Museum.

Proposals will be reviewed on an on going basis, at least twice a year. As such there is no deadline for submissions, but adequate time must be allowed for the review process (6 months). Only successful artists will be contacted, with a request for further material and or a discussion of the submission. Such a request will not guarantee an offer of an exhibition. Receipt of proposals will only be acknowledged if the applicant contacts the Burton directly.

The exhibition programme is reviewed by the Burton Art Gallery and Museum’s staff on a regular basis, who assumes the final responsibility for ensuring the Exhibitions Programme meets the criteria as set out in the Exhibitions Policy.

Craft Gallery

The primary focus of the Craft Gallery is to support the main exhibitions programme and the Burton’s overall identity in terms of artistic excellence and quality of craftsmanship displayed/represented. The Craft Gallery exhibition programme follows the strategic aims and requirements as listed within the main exhibition section (4), with the following exceptions.

To accompany the main display of works in the Craft Gallery, a series of a maximum of10 and minimum of 6 showcases, will be programmed. The showcases will be made up of artists already represented by the Burton giving them a chance to display new works or a larger body of works or emerging artists the Burton is building a relationship with a view to representation.

All works exhibited in the Craft Gallery will be for sale on a commission basis. The Craft Gallery shall represent up to 50 artists at any time covering media, with priority to South West makers, but not exclusive to.

Please see the Exhibitions Policy for full details.


Acquisition and Disposal Policy (A&D Policy)

This policy sets out the principles that will provide the governing bodies and staff of the Burton with a framework for the scrupulous and ethical acquisition and disposal of the Burton’s collections, using clear procedures and decision-making processes common to UK museums in the Accreditation Scheme.

Implementing the policy will enable the Burton to demonstrate the public benefit in its actions relating to the acquisition and disposal of collections. It provides a basis for open and transparent decision-making and an informed dialogue between governing bodies, donors, funding bodies and other stakeholders.

This policy applies to:

  • material which the museum owns or to which it intends to acquire legal title
  • material which the museum owns and has accessioned into the collection or intends to own and accession into the collection.

Click here to download the Acquisition and Disposal Policy (PDF)

The A&D policy confirms the position of Torridge District Council as the owner of the Burton’s collection and sets out the principle that collections should not normally be regarded as financially negotiable assets (MA Code of Ethics, 2008, paragraph 6.13), and that financially motivated disposal could damaging public confidence in the Burton and Torridge District Council..

The A&D policy is based on that of the Phase 2 Registration Guidelines and the 2004 edition of the Accreditation Standard, updated in 2008. It outlines the scope of the collections remit, the main responsibility for the Exhibitions and Collections programme sits with the Exhibitions and Collections Officer. The Exhibitions Policy should be read in conjunction with the Acquisitions and Disposals Policy as both refer to the Burton’s permanent collections.

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